Friday, December 19, 2008

A Tough Crowd

Sally was gifted with a lovely voice, but often felt unappreciated at concerts.

This is for Illustration Friday's theme of "voices."


get zapped said...

Great idea and I love your style. I'm amazed at how folks can chat chat chat during a beautiful performance. It's actually quite rude, really. Thanks for sharin this lovely illo.

Z-Kids said...

Very funny!

yoon see said...

Yeah, cute and funny are the words.
What brilliant idea you have!!!
Just so entertaining...He..He..
You do enjoy a blessed Christmas, Happy Holidays and New Year 2009.
Stay focus, healthy and creative always, so that we have great stuffs to see here...
Thanks and bye!

Kelly Medina said...

Very fun, nice work :)

Sara said...

Hehe! I wonder what is she singing.